Constant Wind

Happy new year to you all out there!

I’ve put together a diary in the form of songs which guided me through crazy 2016. A big thank you to Jean-Marie aka. Dj Fog Puma, to Jakob aka. Dj Merlin, to Pete & Sophie aka. the Spatz Habbibi Dj team and owners of Polychrome Sounds, to Marten aka. M.RUX, to Francesco, to Oli and to Lyria for showing me most of those beautiful pieces of music and to all the musicians for making it!

Crossing The Bridge

The video for “Crossing The Bridge”, played live at the Kornboden in beautiful and tiny Bardüttingdorf. Many people were involved in making the sound and the visuals happen, all are listet in the credits below, thanks a lot to every single one of you!

Cast: Kathi Lüdin, Dancer: Teresa Hoffmann
Direction & Editing: Anatol Schuster
Camera & Grading: Florian Lampersberger
Assistant Director: Kathi Lüdin
Lightning: Christoph Schwantuschke
Assistant Camera: Nicolai Mehring & Waya Shirkhan

Recorded live at Kornboden, Bardüttingdorf
Music: Konstantin Schimanowski
Recording & Mixing: Gunnar Ennen